Desabafo para todas aquelas que tem sentimento ou gostam do Justin Bieber !!

8 jan

Look, I want to say something to all the people who will hear it, INCLUDING the fans since the day I first saw the video of this brat on the internet, and it looks so long ago, I fell completely, and it was a shock I believed in everything, turned his classes started to ask everyone if anyone knew that Justin Bieber, but nobody knew, until long after he launched his music world and woe Baby all fell at his feet.
But to me it was different, it seemed that everything I did before was over, I was happy for him but sad for me, I already knew it would be difficult to know him, but not impossible, but then he became famous, but now it is impossible .
As time went on all the love I thought I felt, turned into hatred, unlike the feeling of love.
These businesses in turn famous and have everything you want, for me is all waste of time, the more you win and get famous, most go up to the head and you become an egocentric, and without an ounce of humility and a thousand other things I could mention this brat. Especially with this crap dating teen stars of music, as if I had known it was not for fame.
Spare me! Brat ridiculous!
Therefore I am well, and I think she loved him!

Escrevi em ingles para parecer mais intensso, se quisserem traduzam =/

Beijoos Nathfp


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